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Texas Young Autism Project

UX/UI Design, Branding, Custom Icons


Texas Young Autism Project or TYAP (Tee-Yap) is a clinic that provides a wide variety of services primarily for children and adults with autism and their families, as well as individuals in other neurodivergent populations.


TYAP's amount of services and information proved to be a test of consolidation and organization. They wanted to modernize their site and branding while also retaining the youthful feel. Since they offer services to older children and adults it was important not to alienate their older clients.


I struck a balance between playful and professional to represent their online presence. To create something special for their site, I crafted a set of custom icons for their services. 

Logo Design

Texas Young Autism project wanted two separate marks for their clinic. The first for their child services and one for their adult clients. 

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